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It is inevitable that your vehicle will go through wear and tear, and that tear will take a toll on your brakes and chassis. Control arms, ball joints, and bushings wear out with time and need to be replaced. Our certified mechanics can stay ahead of the issues with inspections, routine maintenance, and repair. Trust the team at Paramount Motorworks to keep you safe.

Our service areas:

- Brakes

- ABS Anti-lock brake systems

- Suspension and Vehicle stability systems

- Chassis

- Axle and CV joint

- Steering column

- Air Suspension


For issues with any of these, please contact us today.

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Our vehicles are important parts of our lives, and keeping them running properly and safely is a necessity. Don’t trust just anyone; trust Paramount Motorworks - your expert mechanics who put customer service first.

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It always starts with a squeak. Routine maintenance is essential to keeping your car running and keeping you and others on the road safe. At the first sign of an issue, bring your car in and let us have a look.

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